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Top Features I Really Want During Vacation

Top features I wish Pixotale could have during vacation usages.

#1. Be able to add places from Yelp, 4sq or Google places in my stories.


The place should also allow to be add based on the location of a photo, not just search or current location.

Once add places from yelp or Google place I wish I can add additional informations, e.g. Links, phone numbers of those are not there.

#2. Let me pick photo in a full aspect ratio instead of squares.

I took many pano photos, HDR photos. It's nearly impossible to find them from square thumbnails.

#3. Automatic group photos based on time, location etc, and allow me quickly import them in chunk to stories.

Heyday2 does a good job, so does google plus stories. We don't want those full automatic stories which looks boring, but we should make it easier for user to import moments in a more organized way and faster.


#4. A better organized drafts to allow me work on multiple stories over the time. (2.0 feature)

#5. Better offline mode. Network is always spotty during the trip. (2.0 feature)