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Beam Store In Palo Alto

Smart Presence device : Beam. Welcome to the future!

I passed by a strange store in the University Avenue, Palo Alto. A robot was there welcoming customers and there was no one other than the customers in the shop!



When I walked in, a pretty girl welcomed me and explained what it was. Hey this is not the future, It's just a store in Palo Alto !


She is not a robot but a cute girl remotely here by this device. I feel almost like talk to her in person.


Not only she can talk to me she can also type texts and show me (displayed as subtitles) .


The device is Beam by SuitableTech. (SuitableTech.com). It costs a couple of thousands but they will have a cheaper version for home soon.


The device can automatically park to the dock station for recharging.


Here is the operation terminal, it's pretty easy to control, just use arrow keys I can move around their office hundreds miles away.


And the auto parking is pretty easy to control too, when the bot near the dock station it will turn green, simply press 'p' key and hold it will park automatically.


Selfies time! And she was really adorable girl!