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Salmon Days @Issaquah

We went to Issaquah Salmon Days again this year.

Salmon Days is Issaquah's annual festival. We went there almost every year, we didn't miss it this year as well.

One perk for the Salmon Days is the shuttle bus, usually the school bus, it's Catherine's favorite.


This whale is made of plastic bags, it's very impressive. The whale is about the size of a real whale.


"People mountain people sea. "


We went to the Salmon hatchery to see our main character - Salmons!



So many people, I feel it almost like in China!


The big salmons:


There is a small salmon ladder here:


After seeing the Salmons, it's kids' happy hours!


Catherine got her big ballon.


Alice got her favorites;


And cotton candy!


We all had a great time at the Salmon day!