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Don't Just Survive

Truly LIVE!

There have been some though times at Le Comptoir.
We had to say goodbye to my best friend husband... Not only does he leave his wife, but also a 12 years old boy...
He left also an open letter in which he begged us not only to survive but to truly and fully LIVE.
Those words gave me the motivation and goal to work harder so my passion for food and sharing information on healthy food will become soon my main occupation.


Here are crepes which are wheat free.
You can read about wheat here:
I made a lot of them one evening so after having them for diner I would have leftover for breakfast. We loved them so much that only three left!
The recipe is available at Le Comptoir here:

This week I made museli muffins, which are very good for breakfast or for snack. There are made from kamut flour and tsampa. On top the museli, they have chocolate chips, spices: cinnamon, ginger and vanilla. I have also used Chia Seeds for more goodness.


Coming up soon, for more recipes: