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Delicious Frozen Pizza

A great French style pizza from Trader Joe's

Frozen delicious pizza? Am I out of my mind?


I found this French style pizza in Trader Joe's frozen pizza section is really delicious!

It's better than most of the pizza I can get from store! Or more accurate, as someone who don't really like pizza at all, I think this is the only pizza I want!



Before bake.



Prepare steps:

- Preheat oven 450 for 10 minutes

- Bake for 8 min

- Cool down for 1 min




Very delicious! I am not a pizza person, this is the best and only pizza I really enjoyed and liked!

Looks like not just me liked it, I found a review also give it high rating: http://www.clubtraderjoes.com/2013/04/trader-joes-maitre-pierre-tarte-dalace.html