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There are lots of different mushrooms in Redmond watershed preserve. Here is a few we observed.

We went hiking in Redmond Watershed Preserve today. Surprisingly we found many many mushrooms.

Lot of these type of mushrooms on the tree, they are named as "灵芝” in Chinese. People in Asia, especially China thought this kind of mushrooms can treat any disease and make people strong if eat them.


According to Wikipedia(there is a "lingzhi mushroom" item), this mushroom also listed in American herbal pharmacopoeia.


They are expensive in China especially those wild ones. They easily cost thousands or even tens thousands in China.


Recently some medical scandal groups in China made those "magical cancer medicine" with it (or maybe not with it at all, but they claimed to be) and cheated those cancer patients and families unbelievable amount of money every year.


Personally I don't believe it's a magical herbal medicine at all. Glad to see those wild lingzhi everywhere and no one bother touch them here.


There are a lot more other mushrooms! This one looks really cute and feel like eatable... I just guessed.


Those mushrooms has some thing on the top looks like giant blueberries.


This kind of mushrooms are huge in their size. Apparently they grow out of the mud only after they become big enough.


Clustered mushrooms are everywhere, once you find one cluster you'll find many more.


The different guys...


Those white stuff I guess they are just different kind of mushrooms, but a lot look like plants.


This white guy is a bit different I am sure they are mushrooms.



Those are cute clustered. A very big cluster.


We saw many dying mushrooms, and smaller mushrooms or fungus grow on them... That's nature.


My mom said those look a lot like the wild mushrooms she ate during the old days in China.


Look at this two (dead) trees, they are fully covered by mushrooms.