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Yummy Cookies

With oats and chocolate chips

Over the week end, I have been working on a cookie recipe which would be healthy and which could be eaten for snack and breakfast as well.


All the ingredients are not on the picture: the egg and honey are missing.

From bottom right and clockwise are almonds, chia seeds (super food), chocolate chips (coated in kamut flour), kamut flour and tsampa, sucanat (which is raw sugar), oats and butter and coconut oil.

You can read about tsampa here: http://bit.ly/1t15eNc


Because they are wheat free, those cookies won't send your blood sugar level sky high...
The tsampa, oats and chia seeds are excellent foods.

They have baked for about 18 minutes. They came out with a beautiful golden brown colour and were crispy enough on the outside while soft on the inside.


This recipe will be the last one from the "back to school" series. http://bit.ly/1r1h5n2

I will now start a Autumn series.

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