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Meteor Devshop SF Meetup

Monthly Meteor Developers Meetup in Meteor HQ.

Meteor's office is this small 2 floor building in San Francisco.

It's steps away from Twitter, Uber and Square office.


The Devshop include a half day coworking (people work on their own in the conference room), looks like quite a few people here are new to Meteor and use this afternoon to play a few example and learn.


The event is in Meteor's large conference room, visitors are not allowed to access their office area, and only a few Meteor marketing folks are around.

It's a bit disappointed no core developers participated, and all my questions and recommendation with the marketing folks basically got a standard answer: "pay for the service subscription you can talk to our engineers...", no matter it's a technical support question or suggestions or ideas contribution.

It's understood able that as a startup they need to find a business model, for now it's paid subscription for support and the paid Galaxy hosting service.


Dinner is on second floor, looks like second floor is a common area.


Evening session begins:


Code fight guys rocks. Their talk mentioned a few numbers: maximum concurrent users crashed galaxy hosting is around 1,000 users. They are running with around 10+ containers.

Lightening talks followed:


Overall it's a informational meet up, however looks like more than half of audience are beginners and come to learn, and not much developers involved in the event and talked to audience, it's not a very effective event if you really have some serious question to answered or try to build deeper connections with the team behind Meteor.