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Xmas Is Gone

All the sweetness stayed

I always bake a lot during the Xmas season and this year was no exception. I baked less than other years as I have many things going on and all recipes are now created from scratch.

I made some yummylicious jamies with choco cinnamon biscuits and red current filling...



I made some biscuits with chocoalte and nuts...

Chocolate and hazelnuts biscuits which needed to dry before being baked.


Some more honey bread biscuits... I love this cookie cutter shape which I got at the Scandinavian stand at the International Bazaar in Luxembourg.


More chocolate biscuits and vanilla palets.


I have shared a lot of them and this is the best part of my Xmas baking: sharing with people I care about and seeing them enjoying some sweetness.

I hope you all had a wonderful festive season and I wish everyone a fantastic Year 2015.

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