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New Tech Seattle

New Tech Seattle November event.

(This is a live story, it updates when event goes on...)

Cornish Playhouse is where we have New Tech Seattle November event.


It's very close to the Space Needle.


Networking before the event, this usually works really well.


The stage.


Event starts! Red is in red!

Groupon throw t-shirts to the audience.


Community announcement time. People are sharing events information.

Presentations begin! Tonight there are 3 speakers from 3 startups.

#1. LeaveLogic


Help employers retain women employees. Targeting enterprises customers.

#2. ReactMobile


A small device to alarm your network when you are in trouble.

#3. iDive


The advanced iPad case can be used underwater for scuba divers. The key difference is you can still use the touch screen, those water proof cases only protect device but disabled the touch screen.


Apple featured iDive in their ad campaign, pretty cool!


Yet another successful event by New Tech Seattle!

I will speak in December's NewTech Seattle on Dec. 9th night. Please come to see us !