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$99 Sony SRS X3 Bluetooth Speaker Review

Sony SRS X3 Bluetooth speaker kit is selling for $99 in Costco, is it a bargain?

Costco sells Sony SRS X3 speaker with carrying case for only $99, Yun decided to give it a try despite we just bought a Creative Sound Blaster Roar recently and pretty happy with it.

A quick web search show X3 sells for $123 on Amazon (without the carrying case), so Costco's $99 price is definitely good. Web search results also show it got decent reviews.


The speaker is small but feel solid and well made. Surprisingly it also support NFC based quick Bluetooth pairing (only works for android devices for now, sorry Apple fans).


It's said it support 7 hours of music after fully charged. It also works as a Bluetooth speaker for conference calls, it has an answer button on the top.

How it sounds? Let's find out.

Since we mostly use the speaker in kitchen or dinning room, we did a kitchen audio test.


The speaker perform pretty good high and middle tone. Not a surprise, it doesn't produce much bass.

Yun even thought this speaker sounds better than Sound Blaster Roar after she listened to the first piece.

The key to compare speakers is to listen side by side. So here we have Sony SRS X3 and Creative Sound Blaster Roar:


Once compared it's pretty clear that Sound Blaster Roar sounds a little bit better than X3. But the overall performance of X3 is pretty good.

Sound Blaster Roar also plays much louder than X3. One interesting finding is Roar response to Bluetooth audio source much faster than X3: I used same iPhone connected to both speakers and switch from side to side, Roar instantly played once I switched to it, however it takes X3 around 1 second delay to begin.


Overall I am pretty happy with X3, it's a decent Bluetooth speaker with good audio quality and solid design, it's definitely a bargain at the $99 price.

Jawbone's Jambox mini is at around same price range but I never feel acceptable for Jambox's sound quality. Sound Blaster Roar is around $130, and Bose Soundlink Mini is $199.

However we may not keep it because Sound Blaster Roar is a clear winner and it has much more cool features(play directly from SD card) as well. Thanks for Costco's amazing return policy.