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Story Formats

A brief introduction of different story formats in Pixotale.

*** Unfinished ***

In Pixotale we don't really limit any format of the story, you can write in whatever format you wish to.


The one you see now is a typical long form story in Pixotale.

A long form article is a combination of any other story formats we support.

Single photo

Yes. Sometimes one photo tell a story good enough, and we found many people want to share only one single photo.

We display those single photos in a special card style so you can easily know it's a photo or a long form article.

Photos album

Sometimes a single shot isn't enough while a long narrative article is too much, the album format will help.

Or you can place a photo album inside a long form story since you don't want too many photos become a distraction for the article.



You can easily creat a list


Creating step by step guide is quick and easy.

App reviewes

We optimized for app reviews.

Story series

You can write story in a series.

A discussion in FORM 2014 SF