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AWS IoT Button

A configurable IoT button device from AWS

Pre ordered two AWS IoT button when it was announced a couple month ago. It finally arrived recently.


It's absolutely a toy for geek and developers, the configuration steps is very geeky and require some technology. It's a wifi device, you need to configure it to connect to your wifi.

Essentially the button becomes a event source for AWS lambda function. So you can use it to trigger any lambda function you define, in theory it can do anything.


The default sample lambda code will send you an email whenever you click the button. It works well for me, but if you don't have some experience with AWS it might be quite confusing.

The event types the button device supports are: single click, double click and long press.

It's a cool new toy, will see what kind of application I can create with them.

It's really easy to hookup Iot button to other services with AWS lambda.


And it's now Catherine's favorite toy!