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Whidbey Island Day Trip (1)

Part 1: Mukilteo Ferry - Langley - Bay view garden

Whidbey Island is a great place for a weekend getting away from Seattle area. It's just a hour or so drive if take the ferry.

Long waiting line in the Mukilteo ferry. It will always busy here for a sunny weekend day.


People are queuing up to buy ice cream during the waiting.


View in the ferry looks amazing.


Finally we get on the 1pm ferry boat...


Our first stop, Langley, a beautiful small town with many nice art and handcraft shop.


Nice shops with beautiful view.


Next up, Bay view farm and Garden. This garden is so famous for its flower tunnel:

The above photo is from Internet, here is my version:


The tunnel looks pretty nice, but much smaller than I expected. :) actually I guess anyone can have this if they have a garden.


The garden is open for everyone and is free. It's a good place to buy flowers and plants.

The garden is easy to access, it's close to SR525. They have a website: bayviewfarmandgarden.com

To be continued...