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NewTech Eastside Night

NewTech Seattle events now come to east side.

NewTech Seattle events now come to east side. Today is the first event!

The event is in Kirkland Performance Center. Parking is so easy that's a huge benefit for the events in the Eastside.


A full house! People are networking before the event. Food and drinks are provided, those chicken are quite delicious indeed,.


Drum roll...

Event starting...


I like this part a lot, people get chance to give a lightning talk for 20 seconds.


Send a selfie to this number and win an iPad mini 3 from Twillio.


Kirkland mayor Whalen gives a warm welcome.


#1. Appsheet


Create apps from spreadsheet, not for developers but for none techies to build apps from data and templates. (www.appsheet.com)

#2. Purplewall


A platform for people to DIY interiors design online. This is a huge market with real money flowing, if they can crack it, it would be huge.

#3. Tagboard


A pretty cool company (only 17 people) based in Redmond. Already got major news media and tons of companies using. Very impressive!



The most experienced speaker of night, however it might not fall in my expertise, it's more a marketing pitch which is too perfect to tell a story.


It's a pretty nice event, great companies, great talks. Can't wait for the next one!

I live posted the story from Pixotale, it's so easy to share live event like this.