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Rising Of Stupid App Yo, Sinking Of Pointless Media Reports

It's time to stop those stupid and pointless reports and focus on something with real value.

Yo! yo! yo!
You know what I mean if you read Techcrunch, VentureBeat, ... or Robert Scoble's Facebook updates.
Maybe some of them just think it's a funny joke, someone think it's really a great idea and has huge potential(I seriously saw a smart guy wrote a long post in Facebook explain why this is revolutionary future communication), anyway it becomes a hot topic in all kind of tech media.


A lot of press stories are not actually about this app but about how such app could "raised" 1 million dollars. However a new report revealed that it only got "commitments of intend to invest" and the money was not in bank at all. It smells more like a carefully planned PR scam, or a better name - "guerrilla PR".
The team behind this get what they want, popularity, downloads, and maybe the real cash. It's a smart move for them, they really understand the weakness of today's news media and journalists, they made them write for them and get what they want.


If you have experience in an early startup, especially a bootstrapped startup you will know how hard to get those PR coverages. Entrepreneurs have to spend time, money away from building their world changing product to approach those media and journalists. It will be a bit easier when you have little more money, you might hire someone do part of work, but it still a thing you need to deal with.


On the opposite side, if you work for big companies such as Hooli, no matter what kind of garbage you are making, there are always tons of media coverage, even for those apparently pointless products. I used to work for a small team in a big company and we got media coverage again and again for an experimental research project even we don't know what it would be. It was funny to read those reports at the time, many journalist looked like they didn't figure out what they are writing about, or they might not dare to piss off the big name company? Or just want to be nice to a "friend" or PR contact?


That's the fact, face it. Today's news media are very broken, they are chasing for giants, stars or celebrities for leaks, rumors, spend tons of words report on something we all know again and again.
On the other hand, they are so hard to approach for startups, they intend to ignore you and your little poor startup. They wait for you to feed them "stories" they interested to make them excited, such as this "yo" and xxx million. (As Robert Scoble wrote in one of his post) the press are looking for "stories", but we, as entrepreneurs are not, to get coverage we have to waste time to feed them stories they want, or you won't get the press you need.


The folks at YO successfully gamed them by playing their rules -- telling them a funny, unique story: a stupid useless app get tons of traction, and money from investors. They made it.

It's time to stop those stupid and pointless reports and focus on something with real value. I think yo folks are smart, their stupid app only show how stupid and pointless today's tech media are.

Photo credits: HBO Silicon Valley; Robert Scoble.

What do you think?

What do you think of Yo?
It's a joke and hype, it will disappear soon.
It's a new generation of communication platform.
I still have no idea what Yo is...
The media want stories to catch eyeballs, Yo just engineered itself for them.