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Rethink PoshLight App

A rethink on an old photo editing app why it's not successful.

This is a poshlight editing:


Over-complex, confining UI, unpolished UX, half baked resource library make this app not successful.

The original idea was using blending technology to blend special effect, but the app become a full big app with many features.

This is a problem for all our apps, how to balance the simplicity vs features.


This two was Afterlight+Instagram, one if full editing the other is for quick edit, actually both of them are powerful enough today.

Compare to poshlight, they feel simple and lite.

Our photo in Pixotale actually have full poshlight editor built-in. Our filters are actually fairly good and with strength adjustments.


Should just make things easier rather than make it complex and powerful, after all most users won't use mobile for complex editing work.