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What's New in Pixotale

What are the cool new features that make Pixotale different?

Pixotale is a long form story telling tool designed specifically for mobile. Are 140 characters insufficient to share your exciting stories? Finding it hard to fit thumbnails into collages for sharing in Instagram? Feeling lost in Facebook's album experience? Then Pixotale is the right app for you!


Pixotale mobile app has a beautiful user interface to browse and create stories on the fly.

With Pixotale, anyone can create beautiful stories with photo, text and location with just a few taps. Stories with audio and video are coming soon.


** Pixotale works even when you are offline!

We have design it to work without any network access. Create your stories whenever you have a little moments - on the airplane, waiting for the train, or even on the beach!

**Never lose you stories!

Battery died? Phone crashed? Accidentally close the app? With auto-save and auto-recovery features you will never lose your stories again!