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Storytelling From Phone Is Now Easier Than Desktop

With Pixotale, storytelling from mobile phone just became a whole lot easier!

If you are reading this, congratulations!

We are working hard to make storytelling a wonderful experience, even on the tiny screen of an iPhone.


Here are a few things that make storytelling easier with Pixotale:

1. Peace of mind - Never lose any of your stories
Battery died? Phone crashed? Pixotale has you covered. With auto-save and auto-recovery, you will never lose any of your stories again.


2. No network access? No problem!
Who said you need network access for creating beautiful stories? Offline support allows you create stories using your mobile phone anywhere, even on a train or an airplane.


3. Use and upload photos, videos from anywhere

Pick photos in batch from your cameraroll, take a photo on the fly, or pick a photo from your Facebook, Instagram, Flickr or Google+/Picassa account. You can also search for photo directly from the Google image search.

Pixotale also allows you pick videos from your YouTube, Vimeo accounts easily.

4. Voice input, hand free storytelling!
Enter text using the voice input!


5. Take advantage of little moments

Pixotale allows you to create stories whenever you have little moments even without any network access. You will be surprised how much you can produce during those little moments!


I write this article using Pixotale on my iPhone in those little moments.