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Docker Seattle Meetup @Disney

A night of dockers in Seattle

Terrible traffic from Eastside to Seattle, but since the meetup topics are interesting and really relevant to what we are working especially this sprint, I decided to beat the traffic and go.

The docker meetup is here: 4th & Madison in Seastle:

Someone recommend a parking app in the meetup group, I found it is super helpful! Hopefully this will solve more parking pains in future Seattle side events.

BestParking: Find the Best Daily & Monthly Parking (Free)

I quickly found the parking place right on that building and pretty inexpensive!


There are several speakers tonight.

#1. APM in docker environment:


#2. My favorite one, service discovery

The speaker works in Microsoft Linux software team, he released his DNS and Swarm based service discovery tool to public on the spot during his talk, pretty cool !


#3. Microsoft Windows containers


#4. Log handling in container environment:


It's a pretty hand on and informational meetup, will definitely come to the next docker meetup!