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Use Content From Other Sites: Pixotale And Pinterest

A simple compare of how it works to use content from other site

How Pixotale works to use images from google image search:

1. Add a section in a story, select photo

2. Select the "search" option


3. Select "google images" it will take to google image search web page


4. After user find the result they want, tap on the image. The app will automatically download that image and use in the story.



How Pixotale use videos from YouTube or Vimeo (we encourage user to only use videos from their own account on YouTube or Vimeo, however they can use any of them)

1. Add a new section and select "video"

2. Select YouTube or Vimeo


3. Navigate to the video you want to use

4. Tap the green video button on the right bottom of the screen


The video is embedded into story.

*** we don't download video and upload to Pixotale, instead we only link to them.


How Pinterest use photos:

1. Go to your profile tab (last one). Tap the "+" button

2. Select "web"


3. It show a browser, browse to any site with photos

4. Tap "pin it" button on top right side

5. All photos on that web page show up

6. Tap on the photo to add to a Pinterest board.


Same technology was used in all above actions to use photos, videos from other site.