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A Native Twitter Ads Experience

Happen see a "native ads" on Twitter feed, here is how it works.

The Ads show up with big images in the feed, it looks like an ads immediately but feel pretty good, and twitter show me some reason why it show up in my feed. 


Click on "Get Picturelife" button, a pop up show up: 


Looks like if I agree to continue Twitter will share my email with this advertiser.  


The experience is pretty good, it said my account login already emailed to me... Let me check my Gmail:


Yes, it's already there.  The overall flow is pretty simple and the user experience is very good. I guess the conversion rate will be pretty good for this sort of native ads. 

As a user I feel this sort of native ads provides value to me, this is better than any banner, popups. Native Ads is no doubt the future of social media marketing.