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Surf: An Open Source Browser With Style

A open source web browser with style.

Surf is a cool web browser app on iOS build on top of iOS's Web browser components. Other than its cool card based design, what makes it even cooler is it's an open source app! That means if you are s developer you can contribute your idea and code to make it better or grab the code to improve or customize it.

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The source code are in Github: http://github.com/sapanbhuta/surf

By simply type in web address or search terms you can browse the website or see the Google search results.


You can hit the add button to add a new tab, which appear to be a card on the top. You can add as many tabs as you wish and quickly switch among cards.


There is a handy feature, you can hit the glasses button to show up a list of popular site's preview, I believe it's from each sites RSS feed. You can swipe on the sites icons area to change the site.


This is a very handy little browser app, unique user interface. I don't think it will replace Safari or any other major browser but sometimes it's pretty useful.

It's open sourced, so I guess developers will always love it.