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The "J" Cake

Creating cakes which are wheat free has really been the most challenging part of my adventure at Le Comptoir. I have been delighted, over the weeekend, to be able to come up with a recipe that is not only wheat free, but also gluten free. The cake gets its name as two persons, close to my heart, are eating gluten free and have both their first name starting with the letter "J".


For this cake I have used millet flour as well as polenta. It was flavoured with orange zests as well as orange juice. I have used for the first time coconut sugar in this recipe.


Once the cake was bake it has been iced with an orange sirup, which has added a lovely additional moist to the cake.


As I work with flours which are in a natural state, not bleached, my baking always have a dark colour and wonderful rustic flavours.

The recipe will be published this week at: