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Amazon Echo Dot Unboxing

Unboxing experience of new Amazon Echo Dot

Ordered Amazon Echo Dot on the first day the debuted the product.

I have great experience with Amazon Echo, so it's a no brainer to order a Dot, my plan is connect to my amp and speaker to upgrade it into a smart audio system.

It arrives in a small box, well packaged, like every recent Amazon hardware products I ordered.





Compare it with its "bigger brother":😀


It's a perfect match with my audio system:


I used to have a Chromecast audio hooked up with it... In theory it should works well... However believe me Google simply screwed it up, Chromecast audio is a bad product.


Setting up is really simple and straight toward.


A few minutes later I have a great smart audio system powered by Echo Dot.


It looks great and sound great! One big draw back Chromecast has is the audio quality and it also randomly generate unpleasant noise when switching song... It's a huge unacceptable small problem for a audio system! Echo Dots sounds perfectly, the audio quality is good enough.


Concerns? Privacy, of course! My home is now with more than one echo, pretty much Amazon listens on everything I talk at home. 🙁

I will probably power down the Echo Dot when I am not listening to my speakers. 😝