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A new visual programming environment by Apple veteran.

Last year's Le Web, former Apple guy Andy Grignon announced his new app Eightly. It has cool new card based design, and allow people quickly drag drop or shuffle a few cards to create, remix and process a social feed.


There was a Yourube video published by Andy to give an overview of Eightly in screencast.

(You need to update to Pixotale 1.3 to view the videos)

The links in the previous demo actually works, but the page looks more like a mock than real deal. Here they are:

This projects sounds extremely familiar to me because during my days in Microsoft, I build a "visual programming language for social feed", the prototype only processes twitter feed but the concept is same. We also designed a very similar card based design and implemented in HTML5. Unfortunately it's just a research project, it end up with a prototype and a US patent(patent pending, and it belongs to Microsoft for sure).

Let's wish Eightly crash the nut even though it's a very tough area.