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First Day Of 2015: Seattle Art Museum

We went to SAM on the first day of 2015

First day of 2015, we decided to spend it with a nice sleep and a visit to the art museum.


We only visited SAM very few times before, but this time Alice suggested to pay a visit. This means we finally may be able to stay in a museum for a little longer in so many years! 😊

The Japanese art Alice was looking for is actually in Seattle Asian Art Museum, a few miles away from SAM.


The two most impressive pieces, they are on 3rd floor, right facing the elevator.



Not a lot of people here today, we had a good time.



Native Indian arts


Contemporary arts:




Indian contemporary arts:


Chinaware from China and Japan.


The Italian room. The light is simulated by electric lights, not the sun, but looks pretty real.




There is a special Pop art exhibition however photography is not allowed.

Alice finally enjoyed herself and walked around all by herself, but Catherine wasn't impressed at all...


Catherine end up spent most her time here instead of galleries and show rooms. Apparently people here know what kids need in an art museum so they have this kids play room.