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TP-Link Smart Plug Unboxing Experience

An inexpensive wifi smart plug that just works.

TP-Link's wifi smart plug just arrived. With my previous bad experience with Nest Protect, I just wondering: will this $30 device work as it promised? This wifi plug is the least expensive in the market as I can find now days.




Feel a little bit too big as a single plug.


Now it's time to set it up. Plug it in and it boot up...


Install the app

Now it's time to install the TP-Link's app: Kasa

Kasa for Mobile (Free)

You need to register an account in order to integrate with Alexa or remote control from Internet.


It's a typical process the app ask you to connect to the local wifi from the device itself for the setup. The setup process for this device is smooth and fast, in less than 30 second, it just worked.


It works really well, the LED light on the plug clearly show the link status, on/off status. I am very impressed for the response speed of this switch, turn on/off from the app is instantly respond on the device!

I have another GE Link Wink devices, the on/off takes notable latency, the experience is definitely not as good as this plug.


Setup with Amazon Echo

Now it's time to setup with Echo, being able to work with Echo makes this device meaningful, otherwise who's need a more expensive wifi plug?

Amazon Alexa (Free)

The setup with Echo need Alexa app. First need to link Kasa account under the "smart home" menu in Alexa app.


After account so linked successfully, need to run "discover devices" to let Alexa recognize the device.


In order to let Alexa find the plug you need to make sure the plug is enabled from Internet remote control. Otherwise Alexa won't discover the plug.

See after the default install it has a red warning text "local wifi control only":


After enable the "remote control" the warning text disappeared. And now the plug is discoverable by Echo.


I am going to use this smart plug to replace my old Belkin plug, so I can simply use my Echo to control my audio system.