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How To Feed Medicine To Dog

A hide and catch game

Since Bark backed from the surgery, feed him the antibiotics medicine twice a day became a routine.

It's a pretty challenge work to feed the dog medicine, I did many experiments, searched Internet and discussed with vets. Here is a story to share all my past experiences and hopefully it will be useful for other dog lovers.



Take 1 - chewable pills

The tablets I got for from our vet were chewable. For the first few time, Bark thought it a new treat and he happily ate it! Isn't it simple?


But shortly after 2 or 3 times, he realized it wasn't a nice treat and no longer eat it.


Take 2: mix with dog food - FAILED!

I didn't think this will ever work, but it worth give it a try.


Not a surprise, Bark ate up all dog food in the bowel and left the pill along!



Take 3: warp with the bread

It worked in the beginning... Great news!


Unfortunately it quickly became useless... And every time Bark ate up the bread and left the pill on the floor.



Take 4: mix with beef - Failed!

Bark quickly ate up the beef and leave the pill along as he did on dog foods. Apparently he became smart and careful on his food and can easily identify the medicine and separate it.

After a few delicious beef dog food, we had to admit this is a total failure. 😳


Take 5: wrap with cheese - great (for a while)

By analysis all previous failures, I figured out a sticky and smelly cheese might work, beside Bark liked cheese already.


Simply cut the cheese and wrap the medicine inside.


It works really well... (For a while)


However it stopped working someday and the worse was, Bark build some connection between cheese and medicine... Now he no longer interest in the cheese! 😔😣


Take 6: mix with peanut butter - last chance

The last final method is from our vet. Looks like it's similar to cheese in theory, but peanut butter smell stronger and stickier, so the dog might harder to find or even find out it much harder to spit it.



It works until now though Bark began to notice something since yesterday and he became less interesting in the peanuts butter.

I wish this is the last method I need to use before he finish his prescription!

(***updated***) the last method no longer works for Bark... He now refuse to eat the peanut butter... 😣😝


Ultimate solution:

Change different flavor all the time... It's a tough work, but that's the last choice...😞😞😞😞


End of the story.

Hope it will be helpful, or if you have a better idea to share please leave a comment or write in your own story!