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OfferUp: Garage Sales Made Super Easy!

Have old toys, unused phones, ski gears... full filled your garage or storage space? You may consider sale them with garage sales or put them on Craigslist, now there is a much better solution- OfferUp:

OfferUp - Buy. Sell. Simple. (Free)

OfferUp is a free mobile app to let you run garage sales anytime, anywhere right from your mobile phone! Of course if you like garage sales (I do!) and wish to find some cool stuff, it's also for you.


By simply point and shot you quickly list your items online and people nearby can see and buy them.

OfferUp's listing experience is very smooth and simple, anyone can use it easily. Just in 4 simple steps you already ready to sell. If you ever tried to list anything on eBay or Craigslist, you will know how painful it was!


I really liked a few little details in this listing steps: it allow you describe the condition of the items so easily with a slider; it also has very comprehensive categories to let you put items in right place.

My favorite design is the sell location, it let you enter locations by zip code or use your GPS location while it automatically screens your exact location to protect your privacy. I see many other similar apps handle this poorly, OfferUp did this little detail perfectly. 👍

Another unique design is the TruYou membership, by simply submit photo ID you can get a special badge with your account so others will feel much better about you when they buy or sell with you.


The location based search is absolutely a very handy feature OfferUp has, it's much easier to find useful items when you want to buy something in your mind.


It's a tough market OfferUp is competing, especially the Craigslist monster is still dominating it. But OfferUp did extremely well by do it from smaller region and then expand.

I know OfferUp's founder and CEO Nick Huzar in person for years, he is a seasoned entrepreneur and build OfferUp from ground up, I totally believe he can make a big difference in this highly competitive space!

Download OfferUp now, it's free, with it you can either make a few $$$ or save a few $$$!